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Welcome to the pre apprentice resouce page! Here you can find a link to register for classes, log hours or sign up for any available volunteer opportunities.

Pre Appreniceship Program

The pre-apprenticeship program is a way to start your career in the electrical industry while you are going through the application process for the Inside Wireman apprenticeship. Interested parties will click on the link below and fill out the application for the pre apprenticeship program. The only requirement for this program is that the applicant is 18 years of age and posses a valid drivers license.  After the applicant successfully submits an application for the pre-apprenticeship program they will receive an list of contractors and their human resource professionals.

What Happens Next

The pre-apprenticeship program requires the applicant to secure their own employment with one of our contractors. Once an individual receives their contact list it is up to them to reach out and solicit work from our employers. Once an applicant secures employment with one of our contractors they will purchase an electrical license from the Idaho DIvision of Building Safety and report for work. The day to day job of a Construction Wireman mirrors an Inside Apprentice Wireman, they will work side by side with both Apprentices and Journeymen. These are all entry level, paid posistions working on construction sites of various sizes across the Treasure Valley.


The Construction WIreman Advantage

The Construction Wireman program offers several advantages for people interested in entering the Inside Wireman apprenticeship program:

  1. All of the hours worked in the Construction WIreman program will count towards your Inside Wireman apprenticeship
  2. You can begin work right away while going through the application process 
  3. This program offers a person to expierence day to day life as an apprentice before commiting to the apprenticeship program
  4. A person can gain expierence in the field while they are working to gain the minimum requirements of the Inside Wireman apprenticeship program
  5. As a CW you can obtain letters of recomendation from individuals that are in the trade
  6. Applicants that are CW’s can request a re-interview after 500 hours worked to improve their ranked score.


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